Zone 1 Police command located in the North-Western Geo-political zone of Nigeria comprises of Jigawa, Kano and Katsina states. As at the time of compiling this report, the zone was headed by AIG DAN BATURE. The entire zone covers an area of about 96,765 square kilometers with a population of about 19,254,909 based on the 2006 census figure and combined police strength of 18,358 Officers and men.

Katsina state according to the 2006 National population census figure has an estimated population of 5,792,578 covering the 34 Local Government Areas with staff strength of 4,143 Police officers.

Jigawa state has an estimated population of 4,348,649 based on the 2006 population census figure and combined staff strength of 5,281 Police officers. Kano state comprising of 44 Local Government Areas has a total land area of 38,650 square kilometers and a population of about 9,383,682 according to 2006 national census figure.

In the year under review, the Jigawa state police command recorded a total of 613 reported cases out of which, 309 were prosecuted, 207 were convicted, 14 were transferred and 83 were under investigation. 142 persons were arrested in connection with the reported cases. The value of properties lost stood at ₦809,700 while properties worth ₦551,865 were recovered.

Kano state command recorded a total of 530 cases out of which 108 were convicted, 1 was acquitted, 10 were closed, 26 were transferred, 61 were referred to Directorate of public prosecution, 84 were under investigation and 240 are awaiting trial. 4 assault rifles, 56 Improvised Explosive Device Materials, 2 AK 47 rifles, 2 pump action rifles, 1 Beretta pistol, 1 smoke gun and 433 live ammunitions were also recovered.

Katsina state command recorded a total of 509 cases out of which 394 were prosecuted, 110 were awaiting trial and 5 were under investigation. 814 persons were arrested in connection with the reported cases. Properties worth ₦10, 474,969 were lost while properties worth ₦203, 040 were recovered.