Zone 11 police command located in the South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria comprises of Ondo, Osun and Oyo state commands. As at the time of compiling this report, the zone was headed by AIG ADELEYE OLUSOLA . The entire zone has a population of about 10,456,148 based on the 2006 population census figures and combined police strength of 18,525 Officers and Men.

Ondo state according to the 2006 national population census figure has estimated population of 3.4 million covering 29 Local Government Areas with staff strength of about 6,588 police officers, while Osun state has an estimated population of 2,423,535 covering the 30 local Government areas with staff strength of about 5,584 police officers. Oyo state has an estimated population of 6,617,720 covering the 33 local Government areas with staff strength of about 6,005 police officers.

In the year under review, remarkable achievements were recorded as a result of proactive measures taken by the zone to checkmate and reduce criminal activities. Available reports indicate that cases of Armed robbery, Murder, Obtaining Money under false pretences and Arson were reported though petition during the period under review were very low.

Ondo state command arrested 612 persons in connection with the cases reported out of which 530 cases were charged to court, 164 cases gained conviction and 245 cases are still awaiting trial. It is germane to note that properties worth ₦29,503,808.00 were recovered.

Osun state command during the year under review recorded a total of 2,248 criminal cases reported out of which 785 cases were prosecuted, 67 cases acquitted, 124 cases gained conviction, 661 cases awaiting trial, 76 cases were closed, 237 cases were compounded while 820 cases are under investigation. Also, value of property lost was estimated at ₦45,618,520, while properties valued at ₦3,933,200 were recovered.

Oyo state command recorded a total number of 11,546 cases reported out of which 6,226 cases were prosecuted, 1,230 cases were acquitted, 2,228 cases were closed while 1,862 cases are under investigation. A number of 4,320 persons were arrested in connection with the recorded cases. Value of properties lost in the year stood at ₦141,718,805, while value of properties recovered in the year was estimated at ₦128,942,428 million.