The Department of Operations is central to all Police operational activities in Nigeria especially in the areas of crime prevention and maintenance of law and order. It is headed by DIG EDE AYUBA EKPEJI, psc(+)

    Planning and organising internal security measures and monitoring their execution Direction and co-ordination of NPF Policies and crime prevention.

    Formation of NPF Policies on traffic control and management; Reviewing and formulating policies on tactical operations schemes of crime control and preventions.

Planning and coordinating of joint operation with Military, etc; Formulating Policies for the control and management of incidents such as civil disturbances, riots, disasters, elections, suppression of insurrection and trade union dispute. Utilisation of Force animals for crime prevention and Formation and implementation of policies on anti-terrorism.

The Department has the following sections to actualise its mandates: Department of Operations Administration It is include directing, supervising and coordinating of the sections in the department and are made up of:

a. Secret Registry

b. Confidential Registry

c. Open Registry

These arms of the section ensure that all the force orders, directives and regulations are fully adhere to.

  • Department of Federal Operations
  • Force Veterinary Section
  • Border Patrol Section
  • Police Mobile Force
  • Explosive Ordinace Disposal Unit
  • Force Police Airwing
  • Force Dog Section
  • Force Mounted Troop
  • Force Armaments Section
  • Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU)
  • Force Transport Section
  • Directorate of Peacekeeping Operations
  • National Inland Waterways
  • Central Motor Registry (CMR)
  • Force Marine Section
  • Special Protection Unit (SPU)
  • INEC Liason Unit